Dream Big and Write it Down

One of the most important things I’ve done recently was to write down my 5 year life plan. It’s been invaluable in helping to shape my goals in life, as well as contribute to my overall fulfillment and happiness.


I was encouraged to create one last year at a workshop. The idea is to think BIG and, in as much detail as possible, outline how I’d ideally like to live 5 years from now. The initial draft took me several hours, and since then, I’ve made several small updates. As I reviewed it occasionally over the past year, I was pleasantly surprised to find that several goals had already come to fruition and that I’m quickly accelerating towards the rest.


I was encouraged to focus on 5 main categories and selected the following: Relationships, Home, Work, Finances, and Travel. I wrote down detailed bullet points for each, i.e: how many hours I work per week, how much money I make each month, how much time I spend on my morning routine, how much time I spend with my wife and kids, how much time I spend abroad, etc.


The exercise was not only fun to do, but turned out to be the most important thing I’ve done in the past decade (besides marrying my wife and giving life to my daughter ?). Every decision since this exercise has been more intentional and aligned with my true self. I’ve also had an easier time this past year saying “no” to things that didn’t bring much personal fulfillment, and I have made life changes (including moving to a different state) that enabled me to spend more time with family and on passion projects.


I intend on taking this exercise a step further by planning my life 10 years down the line, then 20, 50, etc. I love thinking and contemplating about how I can live my best life, and this exercise has truly illustrated that I can achieve anything I intend to do.


I highly recommend creating your own today — and please, share it with me! I’d love to hear about your life plans and how you put them into action.

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Yoni my dear friend, it is absolutely astonishing to know how many people never set long term goals. Even the one’s that do don’t understand that a goal without a plan of action is merely a wish. I applaud your directed efforts in your life. I may have missed it ? My relationship with my God has always been the first thing on my list, to gain the world and lose my soul is a danger of goal oriented people. God First World Second. The other thing I know in achieving goals is working them backwards. Ex. If my 5 year goal is set then what must I do every year to achieve the five year goal and what must I do every month to achieve my yearly goal and what must I do every week to achieve my Monthly goal and what must I do every day to achieve my weekly goal. The last thing I will share is I am in the Footwork Business, I take the next apparent step and then leave the results to God. In this way I can let God’s will unfold in my life and not try and stuff that square peg in that round… Read more
3 years ago
Yoni Shechter Mark, thanks for sharing these words of wisdom! Love your approach to life and agree with you on so many ways. I've taken the same philosophy of creating a daily routine that works towards the long term goals. It's been amazingly helpful in saying 'No' to many things that I don't truly want in my life, and making good progress towards the ones I truly care about. Much love and looking forward to see you in a future adventure!
3 years ago