Create Space: Build Room for the New

It seems that as I age, I accumulate more projects, relationships, tasks, hobbies, and responsibilities. I suppose that is a component of growth – getting more. I work to be in a continuous state of gratitude for the things that I have. And consciously curate the people, places, and things that enter my life, in order to build a life aligned with my intentions.

For some reason (in the West) busy and more are the pillars for being “better”. Whether in business, relationships, athletics, spirituality, etc. We are DOers, accumulators, consumers.

It has only been recently that I have realized the importance of creating the void. The space where nothing lies. It is only in the space of nothing, that something can arise. If our lives are so full of the “somethings” from our life up until this point, where do we put the “somethings” for our life going forward? If my calendar is full of my current projects, training sessions, hobbies, and practices, where can I piece in the new ones I discover?

I used to view blank spaces in my calendar and unproductive, lazy, or unambitious. Now, I see them as the most disciplined block of my day. The time I consciously choose nothing. Where I listen to what’s “out there” or even “in here”.


I challenge those close to me to do the following:

  • Take a long car ride without a podcast, audiobook, or Spotify, just listen. Let your mind wander.
  • Remove the relationship that no longer serves you or those around you. Dating for the sake of dating only keeps you busy and creates a barrier between you and the one you are truly meant for. Create space for a new person, a new practice, or a new you.
  • Block a section of your day when the phone is off, your disconnected from WiFi, and create something.

It is impossible to fill a cup with something new until it has been emptied. Empty your cup.

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