Follow the trail of breadcrumbs the universe leaves you to fulfill your life’s purpose.

Recently, I learned that when we allow our intuition to be guided by universal consciousness, we can manifest our life’s purpose. To say it another way, if we follow the breadcrumbs the universe leaves for us, we can discover our passion, the deeper meaning to our life, as well as what we are supposed to achieve. 

Years ago, I would have thought this to be a ridiculous idea, chalking up directional breadcrumbs in life up to nothing more than mere coincidence. Life was becoming bland. I, like many of us, was being overrun by my materialistic tendencies. There was a lack of meaning in my daily existence that was creating a hole inside me I was struggling to fill. The mystery and higher purpose of life eluded me. I knew something had to change. 

As an experiment, I began to attend to the small signs that appeared around me. I realized these signs were all part of a coordinated “trail of breadcrumbs” supplied by the universe. When I began to see them for what they were, I quickly realized these breadcrumbs were everywhere. All I had to do was pay attention.   

The first breadcrumb I followed was a few years ago. It was a call to experience plant medicine in Peru. I’m not sure why I followed that first call, but as soon as I read about this consciousness expanding plant medicine, I began to see breadcrumbs everywhere.  They were guiding me to the plant medicine in Peru. On the plane flight to Peru, I wrote in a journal, “This is it. Either I find something more here, or there isn’t anything more to find.” It was that determined statement that drove me to search for my purpose.

Those first series of experiences in Peru cracked me wide open. I became more in tune with what my mission on this earth was supposed to be.  Over that first week, I learned what I needed to do, and possibly even more importantly, I learned what I needed to stop doing in order to live a more conscious and fulfilled life.  

As consciousness stifling bad habits (like numbing my senses with materialism and overindulging in the drugs commonly abused in the West) began to slowly shed themselves, I became more open. I noticed and followed the breadcrumbs around me. I began to see them with more and more frequency and clarity.  

While I still miss a lot of the breadcrumbs that are out there, I am committed to working harder to be more and more open. As a result, the trail of breadcrumbs becomes more and more clear. The universal consciousness has opened itself up to me, and with each passing day, I am closer to living my life’s purpose. Paying attention to the breadcrumbs around you, provided by the universe, is key. It worked for me, and it can work for all of us. 

The Obstacle is The Way (For The Most Part)

Obstacles and roadblocks in life are usually not enjoyable, but they help you grow and mature. Whether you’re going through physical strain of a 10 minute workout, spiritual instability of a 4 hour psychedelic journey, or emotional discomfort over 6 months of litigation, the result is more often than not a better, stronger, and more resilient person.


It’s commonly known that exercising the body will help you become a physically stronger person. However it’s less common to think about the mind as a muscle — something that needs obstacles to grow. And it’s even less common to think about the spirit in that way, too.


One of my mantras in life is to constantly grow so that I can remain healthy and at peace. Life tends to be easier and more enjoyable when I am resilient, and my most rewarding experiences usually come from hard work set forth to overcome obstacles.


For those reasons, I constantly train and challenge my mind, body, and spirit through conscious decisions to choose discomfort.


When you choose discomfort over and over again, you get more comfortable with being not comfortable – physically, mentally, and emotionally. You build thicker skin, a tougher personality, and gain a better perspective on the world.


A few examples on how I do this:

  • I train my body and mind with exercises that involve both physical and cognitive function. Those usually include strength, balance and accuracy.
  • I also train my body and mind with cold showers, saunas and cold plunges.
  • I train my spirit by being committed to my marriage, my business, and raising my child, and through shamanic journeys that involve plant medicine.


Please keep in my mind that I don’t recommend putting yourself in danger, but to consciously choose discomfort with clear intentions that help you grow.


Note: I have borrowed The Obstacle is The Way as a mantra from Ryan Holiday, author of The Obstacle is The Way. In this book, Ryan Holiday shows how some of the most successful people in history — from John D. Rockefeller to Amelia Earhart to Ulysses S. Grant to Steve Jobs — turned new obstacles into opportunities to get better, stronger, and tougher.